The Charitable Flex Fund
The Charitable Flex Fund (Flex Fund) is a web-based approach to giving that can be used by anyone who wants to make their charitable donation process simple. As an online charitable checking account, the Flex fund is an easy, flexible way to make and manage your personal philanthropy.

Here how it works:
Donations to your Flex Fund account can be made directly to the Flex Fund or through a workplace giving program and are tax deductible at the time of the gift. You can accumulate funds in your Flex Fund account over time and disburse them when you want. The only giving restriction is that any disbursement must be to a US registered 501(c)(3) charity. If part of a workplace giving campaign your choice of charities may have some restrictions.

Opening a Flex Fund account is also easy, just call or e-mail Michele for details:
Phone: (201) 291-4058

Charitable Flex Fund
6 Forest Avenue
Paramus, NJ 07652