Frequently Asked Questions
The Charitable Flex Fund is a personal charitable “savings account” providing individuals with the ability to easily and securely disburse and track their giving to non-profit organizations of their choice on line anytime.
Open a Charitable Flex Fund account in your name by making a tax deductible donation through your workplace giving campaign using payroll deduction – just choose the “Charitable Flex Fund” as you would any not for profit organization or visit and establish your account via a credit card contribution. If you use your credit card, your donation is deposited into your Charitable Flex Fund account as a one-time deposit. If you donate using payroll deduction or choose to have your credit card charged one time and/or on a monthly, quarterly or other, deposits are made to your account based upon your payroll department’s remittance schedule – typically monthly - or the credit card charge replenishment schedule you choose.
  • A minimum donation of $200 to the Charitable Flex Fund is suggested to establish your personal account.
  • A minimum $25 per agency is required for each disbursement.
  • Once you have made a donation to the Charitable Flex Fund, you will receive a welcome package via email providing you with your Flex Fund Account personal identification number (PIN) and the link to the secure Flex Fund web site. You can log on to the secure site using your PIN and view your current available balance and make disbursements to charitable organizations of your choice at your convenience.
  • You can disburse to as many agencies as you wish based on your Flex Fund account balance.
Agencies eligible to receive disbursements from your Charitable Flex Fund account must be certified as non-profit 501 (c) (3) organizations according to the IRS Code. Various search utilities are available to account holders to find appropriate agencies. You may also contact us at 1-800-543-1203 or via e-mail using for questions about the eligibility of any agency.
Yes. The Charitable Flex Fund is recognized as a 501 © 3 organization by the IRS. If you donate using check or credit card, you may claim a deduction in the year you make the donation. If you donate using payroll deduction or choose to have your credit card charged at a later date, you may claim the tax deduction in the year that the donations are deducted from your pay or the charge made to your card. Your tax deduction is taken in the year you make payments to the Charitable Flex Fund, not in the year you make disbursements. Any unused balance in your Charitable Flex Fund account will automatically roll over into the following year (requires no action by you - see question #5).Please note: You may not use your Charitable Flex Fund to purchase tickets to a gala or golf outing or any non-profit organization event where some value is returned to you (a meal, grounds fees, etc.). IRS rules prohibit the deduction of the portion of a contribution that pertains to anything of value received by the donor.
As long as your Charitable Flex Fund account remains active, there is no time limit and you may keep a balance in your account and have access to it for as long as you like. To keep your account active, you must make contributions to or disbursements from your account from time to time. If an account is completely dormant for three years or more and efforts to contact the account holder are unsuccessful, the dormant balance may be turned over to Bergen County United Way’s Compassion Fund. Balances in your Charitable Flex Fund are not refundable to you, the donor, for any reason.
The Charitable Flex Fund is administered by Bergen County’s United Way. Bergen County's United Way, serving the community for over 50 years, is governed by its own Board of Directors that consists of respected corporate and community leaders. Bergen County’s United Way has been a pioneer in work place giving, and an innovator of products and services that enable that giving. Bergen County’s United Way has been recognized by Charity Navigator as having maintained the highest standards of ethical leadership, fiscal integrity, transparency, cost efficiency and responsiveness.
There is no administration fee charged to account holders by the Charitable Flex Fund or Bergen County’s United Way. Account holders who establish or replenish their Flex Fund account by credit card will be charged a processing fee imposed by the card processor.
For more information about the Charitable Flex Fund please call 1-800-543-1203, or e-mail